Rubber Sheeting

Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene rubber has good resistance to grease and oil. Neoprene is suitable for outdoor applications as it has good resistance to ozone and weather. It is also commonly used for baffles, weather strips, joint sealing and gaskets.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheet rubber is for flat applications only.

Uses Ideal for Gaskets. Outdoor applications. Grease and oil resistant.
Sizes 1.2m wide x 10m Rolls

1.5m wide x 10m Rolls

Thickness 1mm | 1.5mm | 3mm | 4.5mm | 6mm | 8mm | 10mm | 12mm | 16mm | 20mm | 25mm | 50mm thick
Colours Black


Tensile Strength(MPa):   3.0

Elongation at break(%):  150% – 200%

Hardness(Shore A):  60 +/-5

Density: 1.5g/cm3

Temperature Range: -30C – 120C