Industrial Rubber Sheeting

We stock large volumes of Rubber Sheeting in our warehouse in Tauriko, Tauranga and can ship Nationwide. Supplying small quantities to very large orders, we are happy to help with your Rubber Sheeting requirements.

Rubber Blocks

These rubber blocks are ideal as mounting blocks and packers.

Available in Natural rubber and Neoprene Rubber.

We can also custom cut to your required size.

The smallest rubber block size we are able to cut is 100mm x 50mm.


Thickness: 12mm| 16mm | 20mm | 25mm thick.

Sizes: 100mm x 100mm | 100mm x 150mm | 100mm x 200mm | 100mm x 300mm

150mm x 150mm | 150mm x 200mm | 150mm x 300mm

200mm x 200mm | 200mm x 300mm.

300mm x 300mm| We can custom cut to your required size.

Rubber Types

Natural Rubber

Neoprene Rubber