Quarrying & Mining

Screen Capping Rubber

– Made of high quality EPDM Rubber.
– Excellent Ozone and Wear resistance.
– Available in 6 different sizes.


– Used in Mining and quarrying

– Vibrating Screens



CR01 – 55mm x 12mm x 20m long

CR02 – 55mm x 16mm x 20m long

CR03 – 30mm x 12mm x 20m long

CR04 – 30mm x 15.9mm x 20m long

CR05 – 25mm x 9.5mm x 20m long

CR06 – 50mm x 9mm x 20m long (SORRY SOLD OUT)



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Tensile Strength (MPa):   12 MPA

Elongation at break (%):  350%

Hardness (Shore A):  70 +/-5

Density: 1.4g/cm3

Compression Set (23+-2)C 70H %: 35