Marine Flooring

Give your boat a fresh new look with our easy to install D.I.Y. Marine Deck Matting!

Marine Deck Matting – Teak/Black (V Groove)

Give your boat a fresh new look today!

These sheets are pre-cut with wide ribs. Perfect for DIY installations.

  • Made from High Quality Marine Grade Foam
  • Closed cell waterproof
  • Marine Grade PSA Self-Adhesive backing
  • Light Weight
  • Attractive Non-slip pattern
  • Soft under foot
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for boat floors, launches, jet boats, boat decks, steps, wet areas,  jet skis, trailer boats.


Please note, due to the manufacturing process, colours may vary between batches.





6mm thick x 1.15m wide x 2.2m long = $197.00 plus gst


Available in:

Teak with Black Ribs

Light Grey with Black Ribs

Dark Grey with Black Ribs


Sheet Size: 6mm thick x 1.15m x 2.2m

Rib Size: 47mm wide with 5mm gap between the ribs

The ribs run down the 2.2m length of the sheet

Installation Instructions

Marine Deck Tread Application:

Do NOT install decking in temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C

– Please ensure surface is cleaned with detergent and warm water, then rinsed clean.

– When dry, wipe surface with an alcohol-based cleaner such as wax & grease remover or Iso.

– Press matting into place with heavy, even pressure to ensure a firm bond.

– Allow 24hrs for the Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tape to cure.


Please note that the foam is directional. This means the sheets need to be laid in the same direction. If one sheet is turned around, the light reflection causes the sheet to appear lighter or darker.

We will pack the sheets in the same direction, but please double check before installing.

Care Instructions

Storing the Marine Deck Matting:

– The Marine Deck Matting sheets are often rolled for shipping around NZ. This is fine for short term transporting; however the sheets need to be kept flat if storing long term.

– Please unroll your marine deck matting as soon as received and lay the sheets to flatten out.

– Please keep stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.


Cleaning the Marine Deck Matting:

– To clean the Marine Deck Matting, use detergent with water, and scrub with a medium bristled brush.

– Do NOT use a bleach-based detergent as this will strip the colour from the foam.

– Clean spills immediately to reduce possible staining. This includes food, fish blood, bait etc.