Marine Flooring

Give your boat a fresh new look with our easy to install D.I.Y. Marine Deck Matting!

Marine Deck Matting – Black Ribbed

Ideal for boat floors, gunnels, launches, boat decks, steps, wet areas, stand up paddle boards, surf boards, jet skis.

– Made from closed cell waterproof EVA Foam
– Self Adhesive backing
– Light Weight
– Soft under foot
– Non-slip
– Won’t absorb water


Please note, due to the manufacturing process, colours may vary between batches.


5mm thick x 1.2m wide x 2.4m long = $176.00 plus gst


Available in Black only


Sheet Size: 5mm thick x 1.2m x 2.4m

Rib Size: 10mm wide with 5mm gap between the ribs

The ribs run down the 2.4m length of the sheet

Installation Instructions

Marine Deck Tread Application:

Do NOT install decking in temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C

– Please ensure surface is cleaned with detergent and warm water, then rinsed clean.

– When dry, wipe surface with an alcohol-based cleaner such as wax & grease remover or Iso.

– Press matting into place with heavy, even pressure to ensure a firm bond.

– Allow 24hrs for the Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tape to cure.

Care Instructions

Storing the Marine Deck Matting:

– The Marine Deck Matting sheets are often rolled for shipping around NZ. This is fine for short term transporting; however the sheets need to be kept flat if storing long term.

– Please unroll your marine deck matting as soon as received and lay the sheets to flatten out.

– Please keep stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.


Cleaning the Marine Deck Matting:

– To clean the Marine Deck Matting, use detergent with water, and scrub with a medium bristled brush.

– Do NOT use a bleach-based detergent as this will strip the colour from the foam.

– Clean spills immediately to reduce possible staining. This includes food, fish blood, bait etc.