Industrial Rubber Sheeting

We stock large volumes of Rubber Sheeting in our warehouse in Tauriko, Tauranga and can ship Nationwide. Supplying small quantities to very large orders, we are happy to help with your Rubber Sheeting requirements.

Natural 40/45 ShoreA Wear Rubber

This is a high quality Natural rubber with excellent abrasion resistance.

Used in applications that require a strong, abrasion resistant rubber. Lining sand blasting booths, scraper blades, seals etc.

Also known as Gum rubber or Wear rubber.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheet rubber is for flat applications only.


Sizes: 1.2m wide x 10m long. (Available per/meter)

Thickness: 1.5mm| 3mm | 4.5mm | 6mm | 10mm | 12mm thick.


Tensile Strength(MPa):   18

Elongation at break(%):  600%

Hardness(Shore A):  40/45 ShoreA 

Density: 1.05g/cm3

Temperature Range: -20C – 60C

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Natural 40 45 ShoreA Data Sheet