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Natural 60 ShoreA Wear Rubber

Natural Wear rubber, also called Gum rubber is used in a wide range of industries.

Natural Rubber has excellent mechanical properties, low compression set and high resilience.

It has excellent dynamic and rebound properties and very good resistance to abrasion.


Sizes: 1.2m wide x 10m long. (Available per/meter)

Thickness: 1.5mm| 3mm | 4.5mm | 6mm | 10mm | 12mm | 16mm thick.


Tensile Strength(MPa):   15

Elongation at break(%):  400%

Hardness(Shore A):  60 (+/-5)

Density: 1.13g/cm3 

Temperature Range: -30C – 80C

Abrasion: 150mm³

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Natural Wear Rubber 60 ShoreA