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Natural 60 ShoreA Wear Rubber

Natural Rubber, also called pure gum rubber is used in a wide range of industries.

Natural Rubber has excellent mechanical properties, low compression set and high resilience. It has excellent dynamic and rebound properties and very good resistance to abrasion.

Wear Resistant Rubber


Uses Suitable for applications where a higher wear resistance is required.
Sizes 1.2m wide x 10m long rolls. Available per/mtr
Thickness 1.5mm | 3mm | 4.5mm | 6mm | 10mm | 12mm | 16mm
Colours Black


Tensile Strength(MPa):   15

Elongation at break(%):  400%

Hardness(Shore A):  60 +/-5

Density: 1.13g/cm3

Temperature Range: -50C – 80C